White Acoustical Ceiling Tile Restorer
  • Unique clay based restoration formula for acoustic ceiling tiles
  • Permanently bonds to the surface being restored
  • Does not compromise acoustical sound absorption or fire retardant value
  • Leaves a clean, white coating that adds years to to tile life
  • Effectively covers:
        • Water stains
        • Smoke and fire damage
        • Graffiti
        • Paint
        • Ballpoint ink
        • Permanent marker
        • Rusting nail heads

Also works as:

  • Non-bleeding primer/sealer for sign painting
  • Non-grain-raising primer for new wood
  • Base coat for wallpaper or vinyl wall coverings
  • Base coat for galvanized metal

Packaging: 1 x 16 oz can (available in cases of 6 or 12)

NAICS Code: 424690 Part Number: QS591-01 Category:


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