Bio-Waste Degrader Liquid

for use with MicroDrip Dispenser

    • Eco-friendly, concentrated multi-strain, microbial formula
    • Effectively digests fats, oils, grease and other organic buildup in drain lines
    • Works with:
            • Garbage disposal drain lines
            • Food preparation sink drain lines
            • Three-compartment sink drain lines
            • Dishwasher drain lines (preferably with water temps below 140F)
    • Reduces or Elminates:
            • Foul odors
            • Slow drain lines
            • Blockages and backups
            • Maintenance hydro-jetting
            • FOG and organic buildup
            • Sanitation issues, in treated drain lines, that contribute to insect control problems
NAICS Code: 424690 Part Number: Select a size to display part number. Categories: , , , ,

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1 x 10 oz cartridge, 6 x 10 oz cartridge/case


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