Liquidase 250 Live Microbe Digestant – Fast Acting

Compatible with Pro Battery Drain Chief chemical pump for use as an auto-dose injection system.

  • Specially formulated bacterial/enzyme digestants quickly and effectively degrade grease, oils and other organic matter that clog drains.
  • Ideal for use in
        • Sinks
        • Floor drains
        • Urinals and toilets
        • Grease traps
        • Septic tanks
        • Wet wells
        • Lift stations
        • Sewer laterals
  • Effective against
        • Odors
        • Grease
        • Oils
        • Soap residue
        • Paper
        • Other organic matter
Technical Info:
Part Number:
AL534-30: Packaging :30 gallon drum
AL534-5: Packaging: 5 gallon pail

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Pro Battery Drain Chief
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This product combines the potent waste-digesting properties of natural enzymes and special multi-cultured strains of natural bacteria. These Bacillus bacteria spores (both anaerobic and aerobic) are cultured for the ability to digest waste – quickly, efficiently and without odors! These bacteria are combined with free enzymes using a patented stabilization process. The enzymes work synergistically with bacteria to quickly break down proteins, starch, carbohydrates, animal and vegetable fats – to provide the fastest action available in a liquid digestant.

Specification: Liquidase 250 Live Microbe Digestant – Fast Acting

Size 30 gallon drum, 5 gallon pail

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Liquidase 250 Live Microbe Digestant – Fast Acting
Liquidase 250 Live Microbe Digestant – Fast Acting

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