BioPlus 7-strain Live Microbe Digestant for Kitchen Waste

Compatible with Pro Battery Drain Chief chemical pump for use as an auto-dose injection system.

  • Live 7 strain microbes degrade waste to eliminate bad odors
  • Effectively treatment for:
        • Drains
        • Grease traps
        • Septic tanks
  • Use after drain opener to prevent future clogs
  • Eradicates unwanted odors – highly effective against uric acid smells
  • Pleasant Spring Mist deodorant
Technical Info:
Part Number:
595784-55 : Packaging: 55 gallon drum
595784-5 : Packaging: 5 gallon pail

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Pro Battery Drain Chief
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BIOPLUS is a USDA authorized concentrated blend of living aerobic and anaerobic bacteria specially selected and adapted for their ability to produce large amounts of amylase, protease, cellulase and lipase enzymes important in degrading common sanitary wastes. The bacteria are considered “new generation” and are impervious to bleach, disinfectants and acids. This product can be used successfully in drains, grease traps and septic tanks to quickly degrade wastes and reduce odors. Contains 300 billion per gallon of the following:
bacillus subtilis, bacillus amuloliquifaciens, bacillus lichenformis, bacillus megatherium, pseudomonal fluorescens, commomonas terrigena, and bacillius firmus.

Note: This product performs best within a ph range of 5.5 – 8.5. Optimal temperature range for maximum efectiveness is 54° – 113°F; efective up to 212°F. Extremes of pH and temperature, as well as wide shifts in either parameters over a short period of time should be avoided. Cold temperatures reduce the efectiveness of the product and no bacteria activity can be expected below 40°F.

Specification: BioPlus 7-strain Live Microbe Digestant for Kitchen Waste

Size 55 gallon drum, 5 gallon pail

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BioPlus 7-strain Live Microbe Digestant for Kitchen Waste
BioPlus 7-strain Live Microbe Digestant for Kitchen Waste

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