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It is not just my personal opinion but also a common known fact that natural resources are something like nature’s treasures. Actually, the French word resource means nothing more than aids. But this is rather an understatement for these components of nature. Because, in fact, they are invaluable and have significant economic benefits for humans. One example and one of our best sellers at The Green Chemical Store is our Coco Absorb product line. They are made from coconut husks, which are byproducts of the coconut industry. Our products primarily consist of the coir fiber pith or coir dust which is obtained by processing the husk of the coconuts and removing the long fibers. Coir can hold large quantities of water, oil, acids, and many more liquids yet to be tested, just like a sponge! However, in addition to marine animals or trees, which are also natural resources, raw materials such as coal, ores, rocks, and water are the basis for countless products, even entire economic sectors. These resources provided by nature free of charge, so to speak, some of which already represent valuable goods or can be processed into them, form the basis of our prosperity.

In 2009, over 68 billion tons of raw materials were used worldwide, roughly twice as many as 30 years earlier. That means that not only are you and I getting older but hopefully smarter; the world’s population needs and uses more and more of these natural resources. Since it is assumed that the population will increase from seven to nine billion by 2050 and because economic development in many countries is progressing rapidly, the consumption of these raw materials will continue to increase strongly.

Common goals

Including the USA, individual member countries have agreed on strategies for using their resources more sparingly. I like to support those goals with the products that I offer at The Green Chemical Store. The aim is for all countries to make serious efforts to use their resources with care. Because real success in conserving resources and avoiding environmental damage, this can only be achieved if all countries pull together.


Become a role model

Because many resources will be scarce or even disappear tomorrow, it is important that countries adapt to them today. You have to develop plans and strategies on how to use existing resources as carefully as possible. The better the solutions you develop today, the easier it will be to live with dwindling resources in the future. I decided to do something about it when I created The Green Chemical Store. You are invited to support me and of course The United States of America by thinking into the future and purchasing my products.

The aim is to make a country’s growth and prosperity as independent as possible from the exhaustive natural resources. It’s obvious, isn’t it? If you are no longer dependent on certain raw materials – for example on coal as an energy source – it will not be so bad when one day it is used up. You won’t have to pay a lot of money for coal from other countries, and you won’t have to quickly develop new ideas and technologies. That would hardly work either. Another good reason to gradually forego the use of these resources is that it can also reduce environmental pollution.

Change the world with your purchase

What you buy, use and apply every day has a great impact on our environment, the climate and the lives of other people. What we buy is responsible for more than a quarter of all direct greenhouse gases that are produced in the US. This does not even take into account what is involved in the manufacture of these products. It’s much easier to adjust to an eco-conscious lifestyle than you think. All our products are made to replace the regular chemicals you have used for many years. I guess it’s time for a change, not just any change, but a positive change. Please take a look at my product line and see for yourself the effectiveness of green chemicals vs. all the high toxic products we are used to using in our private and business lives. There’s more to it than recycling your plastics and composting at home. You just need to know what to look for before you select your future business partner. We at The Green Chemical Store are happy to help and support you to the best of our ability. Please contact us, we’re here to help you!

Our daily buying decisions do not only affect the lives of the people, but they also affect yours and your family members as well. Any buying decision can change the climate indirectly. This is a big problem, but also an opportunity. An opportunity to do better in the future. Shopping smarter can improve the lives of others and everyone’s climate. At The Green Chemical Store, you will find products that have excellent value, a proven track record, and a long history in the industrial world of maintenance departments. When we choose the production and purchase of sustainable products, companies, and customers, including you or your company, participate in this change. Thank you, my friend!

Thank you for your help and support of The Green Chemical Store!

Mary Bruce 

Owner of The Green Chemical Store

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